Dr Ben Wiese

Dr. Ben Wiese believes in the saying “prevention is better than cure,” specifically as it relates to skin cancer. He finished his bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery at the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 2006. Dr. Ben then did his residency and community service years in Kimberley, the diamond city of South Africa. It was working in oncology and being on call for plastic surgery where he realized that he had a particular interest in skin cancer.

In 2010 Dr. Ben and his wife decided to take some time off for travelling the world. They visited Kelowna first, after “googling: the warmest city in British Columbia,” and after that initial visit now calls Kelowna their home.

Dr. Ben started consulting patients for skin cancer screening and treatment in 2014. He completed courses in dermoscopy and Primary care skin Cancer, through the Universities of Cardiff and Queensland. It was only in December 2017 that he started cutting back on Family medicine and doing more skin cancer-related consultations and treatments. This decision was primarily prompted by the extensive waiting times to see a dermatologist, as there is only one dermatologist in the Okanagan. He states that, “ it is my background in family medicine that helps me to be more pro-active, not focussing on just one skin lesion in question, but looking at the skin as the body’s largest and fastest growing organ.

Dr. Ben and his wife, Dr. Lize Wiese were the founders of HeathWise family practice, their current location. Both of them like diversity in their daily lives, doing some surgical assisting at Kelowna General Hospital, doing locums in rural Yukon and even some teaching through the UBC medical student program. Dr. Ben is a eloquent and inspiring public speaker. He has been a guest speaker for Telus – MedAccess on several occasions, as well as some private organizations. He is also an advocate for physicians health with his famous quote: “you can only care for others if you care for yourself first.”

If you would like to see Dr. Ben Wiese for a skin consultation, please ask your family doctor for a referral. Dr. Ben is also available for public speaking events focusing on health in general, skin cancer and the prevention of it. If you would like to invite him as a speaker to an event, please contact his office.