Please note the following regarding appointments:

The office is not responsible for reminding you about your appointment. That remains your responsibility. A no show fee of $69.00 will apply for missed appointments. Please try to cancel your appointment as far in advance as possible (preferrably 24hrs) if you will not be able to make it.

We daily reserve several appointment slots to accommodate concerns that should be seen urgently. Urgent visits requested by telephone will be evaluated and given same-day visits to accommodate your urgent needs. Please phone as early in the day as possible to insure that you get an appointment slot.

When phoning in to book an appointment the receptionist will inquire about the reason for the appointment. This is to help us prepare and allocate appropriate time for your concern.

Average office visits are 10 minutes long. Due to this time limit we might not be able to address all your concerns in one visit. We will manage the most urgent ones first and then schedule a follow-up appointment to address the remaining issues.

If you arrive late for your appointment we might ask you to reschedule as we try to stay on time and avoid unnecessary delays for patients.

Your blood pressure will routinely be checked so please wear loose fitting garments to enable us to do this.

We try our best to limit waiting room times as much as possible but because a medical practice is unpredictable there is a chance that you may have to wait to see the doctor. Remember that next time it may be you that need a bit more time to sort out your medical concern.