Important Information

Important Information

At the moment we do not have full hospital privileges. If you are hospitalized, one of the hospitalists or a specialist will look after you. We will be available to provide any necessary information. We will also receive copies of all the test results and specialist reports and will therefore be able to continue your care after discharge from the hospital.

We do not provide obstetric care. If you are pregnant we will refer you to the person of your choice for management during pregnancy and delivery. After delivery we will gladly look after you and your baby again.

Your first visit to the practice is to gather your medical history and introduce you to the practice. We won’t be addressing medical issues on this visit unless it is urgent. A follow-up visit will be booked to address your medical concerns.

All our staff have signed confidentiality agreements and we are dedicated to ensuring patient privacy and confidentiality.

We cannot guarantee the privacy of anything sent to us by email so please do not send confidential items to us by this means. Please phone the office in order to book your appointments.

We do not routinely offer medical assessments on the phone.

Telephone advice that is not directly related to an insured service or that is requested after significant time has passed since the last appointment may be considered uninsured and billed directly to the patient.

Before any referral is arranged, you must see the doctor for pre-consultation information gathering and investigations to facilitate a faster and more effective consultation.

If you are bringing your baby or child for a check-up and you would like him/her to be weighed and measured, please advise the office about that before-hand so that we can arrange a longer appointment.

If one of the doctors is not available, you will sometimes have to see the other one, even if it is not your regular doctor. If we are both away, we will organize a locum to take care of the practice as far as possible.

We are able to do some minor procedures in the office including:
  • Freezing of warts
  • Biopsy and excision of moles
  • Drainage of abscesses
  • Stitching of lacerations
  • Removal of stitches
  • Ear syringing

Unfortunately cosmetic procedures and treatments of warts in adults on any part of the body except the feet are not covered by MSP. A private fee will apply for that. Please inquire at the front desk regarding the fee schedule.

Any doctor’s letter or form that you need filled will be subject to a fee as stipulated by MSP.

Please look under “Form Fee Guide” on the website for details on this.
Please drop off your forms at the office a day or two before your office visit, if possible, so that the necessary information can be obtained during your office visit.
We realize and will always take into consideration that some patients may not be able to pay for these services.

Please don’t hesitate to inform us if these charges pose a financial hardship to you.